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PAS128 (D) Utility Searches

Utility search of British Museum for Arup

Comprehensive underground utility searches from Groundwise

Our desktop utility search reports are essential for locating buried utility assets across the UK.

Integral to development projects that require excavation, a utility survey from Groundwise could be the difference in protecting on-site workers, yourself and the general public from serious harm.

Our Desktop Utility Reports are British Standards Institution PAS 128 (QL-D) and HSG47 compliant.

Groundwise utility search prices from £100 +VAT!

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Groundwise Desktop Utility Search Service

Our utility search services involve conducting “C2” enquiries with utility companies following a geographic search to determine the presence and ownership of underground utilities. 

We then obtain the utility documents via application or online datasets, with results consisting of assorted PDF files, digital drawings and paper plans. 

Once received, all files are converted to PDF format for easy access, collated into the report and compiled into one PDF document and presented to you.

What you get with a Groundwise utility report:

  • Complete visibility of all known utility assets and network operators in the UK & Ireland.
  • Numerous comprehensive search reports are compiled into ONE digestible PDF file.
  • Quality assurance checking from start to final assessment before issue.
  • 24-hour access to our online portal.
  • Place an online order in under 60 seconds.
  • Instant online quotes with no obligations.
  • FREE support from qualified industry experts.
  • Turnaround options – ASAP (3 days) up to 10 days.

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How much does a Groundwise utility report cost?

Prices for our utility searches start from £100 +VAT for our standard turnaround time of 10 days.

Utility report costs for our quick turnaround service start from £150 +VAT with turnaround time being ASAP up to 3 days.

How to order your utility report online

Step 1 – Register an account with Groundwise.com.

Create your FREE Groundwise utility mapping account and start a new search. 

Step 2 – Start a new search & plot out your project site.

Give your new search a reference name & description for the project site. Use the built-in mapping software to highlight the required search area.

Step 3 – Select the utilities that are relevant to your report.

Not every client requires utility map data from all data sources that Groundwise has access to. 

You can select and deselect the utility data sources relevant to your project, allowing you to tailor your quote to your specific requirements and budget.

Step 4 – Check your information, cost & confirm

For an accurate cost quote and efficient service, please check the following information:

  • Your site details
  • Your site location – Are the plot points correctly mapped out?
  • Selected turnaround option – How urgent is your request?
  • Your chosen utilities – Have you selected all data sources applicable to your site?
  • Your information – Email address & invoicing address.
  • Your order summary – Check what you have ordered & the total cost.

Once you are happy, save your quote to your basket and proceed to the next page.

Step 5 – Check your basket, confirm & complete your order.

Check what is in your basket, complete your order & confirm on the following pages to complete the quotation process.

You will have the option to pay online via Paypal or on receipt of your invoice.

Your online utility report quote is complete!

All that’s left to do is wait for Groundwise to provide the results of your desktop utility report within the selected turnaround time.

How to order a utility report via email

If you would rather not register, you can request a quote via email at the below email address:

[email protected]

How to order a utility report via contact form

Click the button below and fill out the contact form to request a quote.
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Why choose Groundwise as your utility search partner?

Looking for a reason to outsource your Desktop Utility Searches to Groundwise? Here are a few things to consider…


Established in 2000, Groundwise has over 23 years of industry experience in utility mapping services. We take pride in being utility search specialists, with our services supporting thousands of project sites of all sizes across the UK & Ireland.

Qualified Staff 

Each member of the Groundwise team undergoes extensive training, acquiring the ProQual Level 3 Certificate for Utility Mapping & Surveying.


Our industry accreditations include AchillesSMASConstructionline (Gold)SSIP AcclaimBuilders Profile & RISQS.


Our Utility Search service provides exceptional value, saving you time, money and hassle.

We showcase our commitment to our customers by passing on savings and providing advice on minimising costs where possible. 


You can count on Groundwise for dependable results and timely delivery. In a niche yet competitive market, we are leading providers of PAS 128 Type D Surveys and take great pride in being considered a ‘go-to company’ for Utility Searches in the UK.

Fast & Efficient

We understand the importance of time sensitivity and have streamlined our utility search service to allow our customers to obtain a quote or place an order in under 60 seconds!

Partnered with our quick turnaround options, we can help you get the information that you need and FAST.

Tailored Searches

Need a single utility enquiry? – Simple!

A more complex, bespoke utility search? – No problem!

What about a full utility report? – We’ve got you covered!

As every project is unique, we offer customisable, tailored report solutions to fit specific needs & budget. By preventing overspending and only delivering essential data, we aim to exceed expectations and establish long-lasting relationships with all of our customers.

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Utility Searches – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a PAS128 (D) Utility Search?

A Utility Search, also known as a C2 Utility Search or PAS128 (D) utility search, is the initial step in identifying utility asset owners and locating their buried and overhead assets and apparatus.

A Utility Search is essential for development projects because it provides valuable insight into the presence and location of underground and overhead utility assets. This vital information prevents accidents, disruptions, and costly delays during construction.

Why are utility searches important?

Utility searches are integral to the health and safety of workers, as well as the smooth operation of development projects. Conducting a utility search before starting a project will safeguard contractors from striking potentially hazardous utility assets like live wires and pipes.

A clear understanding of utility assets also helps project management and planning teams to minimise risks and avert incidents that could negatively impact the cost and efficient completion of development projects.

Who might need a utility search report?

Developments, feasibility studies and most on-site works require some form of utility survey as an essential part of the planning process.

You may need a utility search if your business adheres to the below regulations:

What types of industries and businesses require utility surveys in the UK?

There is a wide range of industries and businesses that require utility surveys to adhere to the above regulations, including:

  • Local authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Highway Engineers
  • Highway Planners
  • Transport Planners
  • Architects
  • Consulting Engineers
  • MEP Consultants
  • Civil Engineering Contractors
  • Construction Contractors
    • Planners
    • Designers
    • Construction Workers
  • Utility Contractors
  • Fencing Contractors
  • Utility Surveyors
  • Drainage Engineers
  • Legal Conveyancers
  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging & Installation Specialists

What data is included in a Groundwise utility survey?

A utility survey from Groundwise includes results covering:

  • Electricity
  • Gas
  • IDNOs (Independent Distribution Network
  • Operators)
  • GTs (Independent Gas Transporters)
  • Water Mains
  • Drainage
  • Telecoms/Fibre
  • NRTS (National Roads Telecommunications Service)
  • Rail
  • HSE (Major Hazard Sites & Major Accident
  • Pipelines
  • Mobile Phone Masts
  • LSBUD (including all LinesearchbeforeUdig members
  • Oil/Fuel Pipelines
  • District Energy Networks
  • Street Lighting (Local Authority)

What are the benefits of outsourcing utility searches?

A manually conducted utility search would require you to compose individual applications to a lengthy list of utility companies. Writing applications, waiting for responses and the requested records, quality checking them, arranging payment, converting numerous files and then compiling them into a coherent document can be frustratingly time-consuming. The time and effort required can detract from and negatively impact the delivery of projects, especially where time efficiency is critical.

Outsourcing your utility searches to Groundwise helps to alleviate the stress of the DIY approach by allowing you to order your utility mapping data from your desktop. In collaboration with utility firms, we have assembled an expansive database of partners that facilitate a streamlined process to allow swift access to utility records without unnecessary contact. 

What is an exempt search?

Many utilities will waive their search fees on receipt of an exemption letter (a template can be provided), significantly reducing the overall cost for a full Utility Search. 

Please let us know if your project is on behalf of a Local Authority, Government Body, Non-Departmental Public Body, or Statutory Undertaker.

How long is a utility report valid?

Most companies state their utility data is valid for 90 days, but please understand that utility plans are regularly changed and updated. We advise that a Groundwise Utility Report is only valid at the time of production.

Should a utility search be carried out for a domestic property?

The utility plans typically depict utility mains in the vicinity of a property, but they may not display individual property connections, as historical records often lack such details. However, conducting a search could still be beneficial, as property boundaries may encompass major sewer, water, gas, and other utility pipes.

What are the limitations and accuracy of the data in a utility survey?

Each utility company presents a disclaimer statement concerning the information they provide. They do not guarantee or provide a warranty for the data. The utility company disclaimers should be referred to when considering the accuracy and completeness of the data. Generally, the plans provided are for guidance only and not guaranteed to be up to date or to be a complete record of the utility company plant in the specified area.

Some utility companies only show the main utilities. It is possible that service pipes or cables may not be in the plans but are present on site. Some utility companies state that the utilities may deviate from the route and position shown on the plans. Due to the time delay between the repair, upgrading or installation of utilities and the subsequent updating of the utility company plans, consider that there could be utilities present that are not visible in the reports.

The exact position of the utilities should be verified using suitable detecting devices and safe digging practices following HSG47. Further advice on the presence and location of assets should be requested from the owner.

Do you offer CAD compilation drawings for utility reports?

In addition to our Utility Search service, we also offer a Desktop Mapping (CAD) service. This is all utility report data compiled into a single DWG format CAD drawing of your site. All utility networks are layered on the plan, providing a clear visual representation of utility assets within the boundary of a site.

Can I get a bespoke utility report?

We can provide bespoke, or cut-down, utility reports on request however we always recommend carrying out a full utility search.

Is there a maximum site size that a utility report can accommodate?

There is no maximum size for a utility report as it is bespoke to your requirements. Groundwise have conducted searches on extensive developments covering 2000 hectares (HA) and spanning more than 100km in length, as well as small borehole sites requiring minimal area coverage. Our utility searches are ideal for any project of any size.

Do you work on-site?

No, Groundwise does not undertake any type of on-site surveys. We specialise in conducting desktop studies to obtain utility mapping information.

How do you ensure the accuracy and quality of your utility reports?

We source the most up-to-date and detailed information for any site in the UK by operating a professional and efficient relationship with all utilities & data providers. Regular research is carried out with the utilities to ensure we are contacting companies relevant to your site. We also carry out regular Statutory Undertaker checks with Local Authorities around the UK & Ireland.

Before delivering data to a client, each Utility Report we prepare is subjected to quality checks by two members of the team – the Production Researcher managing the project, and another member of staff.

How do I track the progress of my utility search?

For utility search orders placed online, your order will be updated to show when a result has been received, and when it has been issued.
Alternatively, for an update on your utility search, please get in touch with the production researcher assigned to your project, or contact the team via the below:
Email Call Us

To get a quote for utility searches, contact Groundwise today.

A Groundwise Utility Report is a cost-effective, yet significant, investment in the utility location process.
Don’t just take our word for it – get in touch with the UK’s leading Utility Search provider and see how a
Groundwise Utility Search can assist your next project.

If there are other factors you would like to discuss and cannot see them on our web page please call or email us.

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