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Environmental Searches

What is an Environmental Search?

An environmental search is an investigation conducted in line with property conveyancing to highlight and compile details about any potential environmental risks or conditions associated with a particular piece of land or property.

Groundwise is a reseller of a range of Groundsure Insights report including:

Map Insight

Map Insight provides the highest quality imagery on the market as standard. Groundsure scanned Ordnance Survey mapping at over 500 dots per inch (dpi), setting a new industry standard.

Groundsure’s maps date back to the 1840s to provide detailed insight into historical land uses to understand the potential contaminated land risks and associated liabilities.  Their map packs are available in three formats which can include both National Grid and County Series maps.

Enviro Insight

Delivers detailed and accurate information using an extensive range of datasets including environmental permits, contaminative processes and registers, waste, hydrogeology and geology – helping you to provide a definitive opinion for your clients.

The Enviro Insight accesses Groundsure’s unique Historic Land Use Database (HLUD) which features the most accurate and reliable information available on the market. Our HLUD is derived from historic Ordnance Survey mapping dating back to the 1840s, features over 7000 land use classifications and is scanned in at over 500dpi – setting a new industry standard.

Geo Insight

A highly detailed geological data report combining BGS data with unique geological and geo-hazard datasets developed by Groundsure.

Geo Insight is essential for geo-environmental professionals and their clients to make informed decisions and identify potential ground instability and other potentially costly problems that may affect ground investigation, foundation design or possible remediation options. The Geo Insight provides unique data on current and historical railways and tunnels – detail which isn’t available in any other desktop report. It also features BGS recorded boreholes, with hyperlinks to online digitised records.

Flood Insight

Delivers detailed and accurate information using flood risk datasets from leading providers including the Environment Agency, British Geological Survey and JBA Risk Management, helping you to provide a definitive opinion for your clients.

This report provides accurate, clear and insightful information for consultants to have greater accuracy in their opinion, ensuring appropriate due diligence for their clients.

UXO_FEATURED Unexploded Ordnance (UXO)

This unique desktop search report identifies the potential risks from unexploded ordnance (UXO) that could affect your client’s site.

As more building projects are developed it’s essential to understand the potential risks of UXO within the vicinity of your client’s site. Unexpected discoveries could lead to delays with project timescales as well as racking up additional costs for your client, and so by undertaking this search your clients have a comprehensive view on risks. This report also covers the possible health and safety risks for contractors under CDM 2007.

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