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Desktop Mapping (CAD)

CAD desktop map showing colour coded assets

CAD Desktop Mapping provides a clear visual representation of all utility assets within the boundary of your work site, as identified in your utility search report.

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Why choose Groundwise for CAD desktop mapping?

Convert your Groundwise Utility Report to a single, CAD format drawing, with our cost-effective Desktop Mapping service.

A Groundwise Utility Report will often contain hundreds of pages of maps, from various utility companies. This is where our Desktop Mapping service has proved to be so useful.

It’s a cost-effective addition to our Utility Search service and provides clients with a single DWG format compilation drawing – a digital, colour-coded design file.

All PDF utility search results are imported to CAD, and all hard features are fitted to the OS data tile. The utility records are then traced, and relevant information is added. The accuracy of the CAD file is the same as the PDF records provided by the asset owners.

Our desktop mapping service includes:

  • An overview plan showing all existing utility networks within the boundary of your site.
  • All utility networks are layered – Existing utilities can be viewed & hidden.
  • DWG format drawing is provided as standard.
  • PDF & KMZ output also available on request.

Request a comprehensive CAD map from Groundwise.

Our Desktop Mapping service can be requested at any stage of your Utility Search project and quotes can be requested via email at: [email protected]

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Desktop Utility CAD Map FAQs

We get a lot of queries about our Desktop CAD Maps, so we’ve put together some answers to the most common questions.

What is a CAD Desktop Utility Map?

A CAD desktop utility map from Groundwise is a comprehensive, colour coded map of all of the utilities within a specified area presented in an accessible CAD file (DWG file format).

How do you create a CAD Utility Map?

It all starts with a utility search request. Once this is complete and we have received all utility search documentation from the relevant parties, we collate and compile all of the documents together. We layer each visual asset map atop one another to create a comprehensive overview of every known and reported asset within the specified radius. Our CAD designers then create the comprehensive file that shows everything all in one digestible format.

What are the benefits of CAD utility maps?

A Groundwise CAD utility map is beneficial because it affords a simple overview of all utility assets, along with filter options to hide irrelevant utilities or highlight the most important.

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